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Pet Memorials

On behalf of the staff at Sandy Springs Animal Clinic, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed. We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Click here to submit your pet memorial online.

Soze Creasy 1/30/2001 – 8/3/2014

Two years ago my dog Soze and I moved down to Atlanta from Baltimore. This would be the third city the two of us lived together in over our 13+ year journey together. In the past we experienced good veterinary services, with doctors and staff that treated Soze with care. But it was not until we began coming to Briarcliff Animal Clinic did we truly begin to understand southern hospitality, and the love and compassion that comes with the commitment to taking care of our precious pets 24/7.

Soze and I unfortunately had to make many journeys to Briarcliff Animal Clinic after arriving in Atlanta. First there were issues with his eyes, then his kidneys, and then a broken toe. At each visit we were greeted with uplifting spirits, confidence in care, and detailed instructions on how to proceed. Doctor Turner especially went out of her way to treat us well, to the point that Soze began to get excited to visit the vet. Follow-up phone calls expressing care for both myself and my dog provided comfort and reassurance. And the treatments worked. Soze began to get better and continued to live a healthy and happy life despite the medications and his advanced age. I thank Doctor Turner immensely for helping Soze and I weather these issues.

Sadly though, earlier this month Soze began to experience serious seizures. During one of the most traumatic weeks of my life, I watched my dog struggle with his hardest medical battle. The staff of Briarcliff Animal Clinic once again raised the bar of care and compassion. Doctor Acevedo was the emergency doctor on call when we arrived after Soze’s first seizure. She first took wonderful care of Soze and then returned to comfort me. Over the week while Soze stayed at the clinic, Doctors Acevedo, Phillips, and Turner continued to keep me updated on his condition and provide options for his care. I was able to bring Soze home at the end of the week and we did have the chance to have one lovely final day together. One never wants to face the choice of letting go of a precious and loved pet. This is the first time I had to experience such grief and such a difficult decision. Doctor Acevedo assisted me through this trying and upsetting decision and for that I will always be grateful. I had the chance to say goodbye to my trusted friend and watch as he peacefully moved on.

I share this review because I want everyone to know how wonderful the staff is at Briarcliff Animal Clinic. I am so appreciative that Soze and I had the chance to get to know so many of them. The final days with him were made easier because of the care, compassion, experience, expertise, and love of all who work at Briarcliff Animal Clinic. You all helped alleviate some of the sorrow and grief that surrounds the loss of a loved pet.

I thank you all dearly.

Daniel G. Creasy

in memory of Soze Creasy 1/30/2001 – 8/3/2014

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